COVID-19 K-12 Resources

As the coronavirus pandemic is requiring many K-12 teachers to teach remotely with minimum preparation, many organizations have been creating online resources to support this work. Here you find links to just a short selection of these sites, that we think may be particularly valuable for K-12 teachers.

Top Four Sources We Trust for Guidance During this Pandemic:

  1. Common Sense Education’s Resources for Educators During the Coronavirus Pandemic – a collection of ideas and tips to support teaching during times of school closure for K-12 educators, parents, and advocates, created by Common Sense Education 
  2. COVID-19 – Learning Keeps Going – a similar website for teachers, leaders and parents, created by ISTE in collaboration with other organizations
  3. EDC’s Resources for the COOVID-19 Crisis – a collection of information about the coronavirus pandemic and how to support students emotionally, as well as online instructional resources, created the Education Development Center (EDC) 
  4. EDUTECH’s Resources for Emergency Planning – website created by the Genessee Valley/ Wayne Finger Lakes Educational Technology Service that is especially relevant for Consortium district members

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