Formerly the Western New York Digital Conversion Consortium, this consortium was formed in 2016 as several K-12 schools in the region were beginning to leverage the power of digital technologies for instruction, and recognized the value of learning from each other.  Learn more about the Consortium and its members – as well as what it takes to join them!

Vision & Mission

Learn more about the vision that led to the creation of the K12 Digital Consortium, and how it translated into a mission statement and the identification of core strategies to put this mission into practice.

Membership Levels

We have different levels of membership, recognizing that districts may be at different stages in their use of digital technologies and BOCES may play unique supporting roles. Learn about their respective benefits and expectations.

Current Members

View a list of current Consortium members (with links to their website), to get a sense of who is involved across the region.

Districts’ Profiles & Journeys

Learn about the key choices member districts have made about instructional technology innovations – along with selected information about each district.  Identify school districts with characteristics similar to yours as potential partners or model.