Shared Lessons Learned

Benefit from lessons learned that have been shared by other districts in Consortium event or gathered through other means.

[New] Implications of AI for K-12 Schools

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Leveraging Online Technology for Professional Learning

Benefit from the insights gained by multiple districts as a result of the pandemic to better understand and address current challenges related to professional learning offerings. 

First Steps for Districts

Learn from the experience of other districts about what needs to be in place before launching a 1:1 initiative, and what are some important questions to ask and steps to be taken to avoid costly failures or set-backs.

Digital Leadership Team

Many district members have established a district-wide leadership team in charge of responding to problems and exploring decisions related to their 1:1 initiative or other major digitally-rich transformational innovation. Learn from the experience of other districts about why this team is important, the roles it can play and the people that should participate in it.

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Financing a 1:1 Initiative

The significant costs associated with 1:1 initiatives set them apart from other instructional innovations. Learn from the experience of other districts about what principles and practices they have found useful as they developed realistic and sustainable long-term budgets to support their 1:1 initiatives.

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Recordings of Past Webinars

Student Help Desk (50 minutes) (2/5/2020)– February 5, 2020

Several K12 School Districts in the Rochester region have successfully implemented and/or are developing / exploring Student Help Desks as a way of extending and expanding support for 1:1 initiatives, personalized learning, digital conversion, and digitally rich teaching. Join us for this featured Webinar to examine and learn from the experiences journeys of the Webster and Brighton Central School Districts as they developed and implemented their Student Help Desks.