Benefit from publicly available resources to support your work, including examples of digitally-rich teaching, self-paced online modules, and more.

Examples of Digitally-rich Teaching

Be inspired by selected examples of digitally-rich lessons and projects created by other teachers as part of grants and other projects.

LiDA eModules

The University of Rochester Center for Learning in the Digital Age is creating a series of self-paced online modules about key issues associated with learning in the digital age, with the goal of enabling individual educators or teams to learn more about the chosen topic independently and at times most convenient to them.

Digital Tool Reviews

There are so many digital tools that can be used in schools – new ones show up every day, and previous ones continue to evolve! It can be daunting for teachers and administrators to make decisions about what to select, support, and build into the instructional process across time. Here we provide links to existing reviews of digital tools that can help evaluate specific tools.

Available Support

Learn about the services and other resources that BOCES partners and the Center for Learning in the Digital Age can provide to district members.