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Learn about digitally-rich teaching and learning as part of courses and programs that can lead to additional credentials – and better position you as a leader in this area for your school.

New York State does not require K-12 teachers to have a specific certification in order to use technology in their teaching or serve as an technology instructional coach. However, NYS has recently approved an Advanced Certificate in Digitally-Rich Teaching at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education, thus providing another option for a higher education credential demonstrating expertise in this area.

Ready to take a first step towards gaining a credential as a digitally-rich educator?


Digitally-Rich Teaching and Learning in K-12 Schools

Learn about how to use digital tools and other resources to enhance your students’ learning opportunities, with a special focus on (a) assessment, (b) conveying content, and (c) promoting collaborative learning. Experience as a learner the power of digitally-rich learning in this hybrid-online course.


Fall 2019 (Aug.28 – Dec.11) – HYBRID/ONLINE (with online synchronous meetings on Thursdays 4:50-7:30 pm) except for one face-to-face day-long meeting on Wednesday September 4; open to everyone; permission of instructor required.

Spring 2020 (Jan.15 – Apr.29) – HYBRID/ONLINE on Thursdays 8:15 – 9:30 pm–Face-to-face class on Saturday, Jan 25, with one asynchronous online module to be completed beforehand; all other weekly sessions are synchronous online. Permission of instructor required

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  • Warner School of Education


3 graduate credits

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Advanced Certificate in Digitally Rich Teaching in K-12 Schools

This 12-credit graduate program will prepare you to leverage technology in your teaching through a combination of coursework and practicum experiences. You will engage as both a learner and as a teacher in digitally-rich learning experiences, while exploring the implications of these experiences for the future of K-12 schools as well as your own teaching.

This flexible program includes only the following requirements:

  • EDE484A: Digitally-Rich Teaching and Learning in K-12 Schools
  • EDF490: Digitally-Rich Teaching Practicum
  • A graduate teaching methods course in your area of specialization (many current teachers will be able to transfer this course from a previous program)
  • A graduate elective course related to instructional technology

This program can be taken as a stand-alone or in conjunction with one of Warner’s teacher preparation programs or doctoral programs.

Listen to the Program Director (Dave Miller) describing this program

Are you interested in becoming a teacher and want to be prepared to use technology in your classroom and be more competitive for teaching jobs? Explore the master’s programs leading to NYS initial and professional teaching certification offered at the Warner Schools, and consider adding the Advanced Certificate in Digitally-Rich Teaching in K-12 School to your program – it will only require 3-9 additional credits depending on your chosen area of certification!

Are you a current teacher seeking NYS professional teaching certification in your area of specialization?   Consider pursuing a master’s degree program that will also allow you to deepen your knowledge and skills about using technology in the classroom.  At the Warner School, you can accomplish this goal through a 33-credit program that will allow you to concurrently obtain an Advanced Certificate in Digitally-Rich Teaching in K-12 Schools.

Are you interested in taking administrative positions that may include leading technology-rich initiatives? Consider pursuing your New York State School Building Leader (SBL) and School District Leader (SDL) certifications at the Warner School, in combination with an Advanced Certificate in Digitally-Rich Teaching. You can complete all three credentials taking only 33 credits – for a cost comparable to pursuing just your administrative certification in a state university.

Are you interested in deepen your knowledge and skills about digitally-rich instruction and the transformation it can lead to in K-12 school through a doctoral program?   Consider pursuing an Ed.D. at the Warner School which also includes the Advanced Certificate in Digitally-Rich Teaching in K-12 Schools. You can choose between an Ed.D. in Teaching & Curriculum (with a focus on teaching and learning) and an Ed.D. in Educational Administration (with a focus on leading the changes required to implement digitally-rich instruction).