Consortium Events

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Forthcoming Consortium Events

Next Major Consortium Event: “Reimagining how technology can help K-12 schools move forward”

May 24, 2023   8 am–1 pm  In person

WFL BOCES Conference Center, Newark

This half-day in-person event has been organized with input from several members, who called for an opportunity to come together to discuss common challenges experienced at this unique time in history, as well as share and discuss possible technology-rich solutions.  The event will involve a combination of thought-provoking short presentations on key themes as “conversation starters”, followed by small group in-depth discussions of specific themes and reporting back. Member districts are invited to send a team to benefit the most from this event.

Link to goals and tentative agenda

Google form to provide input on the proposed themes

Registration form for districts  (maybe two steps: (1) district commitment to send a theme and expected number of participants, + (2) follow up to be sent to districts a couple of weeks in advance, requesting the name and title/role of participants + possibly asking for a small pre-assignment)

Selected Past Consortium Events (and related artifacts)

Generative Conversations – Professional Learning in K-12 Schools:

Webinar: Student Help Desk (2/5/2020) – recording

Leadership Workshop (5/22/2019) – led to the creation of First Steps (SHARED LESSONS LEARNED)

Kick-off Workshop – see Learning Goals & Agenda 

Originally required for teams from new member districts, but currently DISCONTINUED