Beginner Help

The many decisions that need to be made as a digital transformation is launched may be daunting – but you are not alone! One of the main reasons behind creating the Consortium was indeed to provide support and share lessons learned with districts that are starting their journey.

There are no ready-made solutions – as every district’s situation is unique. However, we believe that shared experiences can help with a successful launch.

Here are some resources you may take advantage of:

  • Free consultation with the UR Center for Learning in the Digital Age: Contact Dave Miller to arrange for an exploratory conversation about the specific goals and realities of your district, and to explore options and possible next steps.
  • BOCES services: Each BOCES offer different services and opportunities to their districts – so do not hesitate contacting your BOCES and discuss your situation with them.
  • K-12 Digital Consortium Kick-Off Workshop: Bring your team to this half-day free workshop to network with other schools engaging in technology innovations and learn from their experiences – whether your district ends up deciding to join the K12 Digital Consortium or not. Learn more about the Kick-Off Workshop
    • School visits in other Consortium districts: There’s nothing like visiting other schools that are engaging in the process to help develop your vision! If interested, contact directly a Demonstration Site district – or other member districts with a profile similar to your – to explore if you can arrange a visit at a mutually convenient time.
    • NSBA Technology Site Visits Program:  If you have the time and resources, consider visiting nationally recognized schools in the digital conversion space. The National School Board Association (NSBA) organizes two visits each year to schools that model successful technology – if interested, check NSBA Technology Leadership Site Visits