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There is so much that we can learn from each other about how to best leverage digital technologies to improve learning and teaching in K-12 schools! Here educators will be able to share what they have learned and/or found useful – to the benefit of everyone in the community.

Everyone can review the contents posted in this section. Educators in a Consortium member organization are also invited to post their contributions to this section – the access code required to do so will be provided after completing this online form.

Participants’ Profiles

Do you wish to know more about the people posting in this space, and possibly connect with them for a deeper exchange of information and lessons learned? As part of the application process, each contributor to the Community Space will be asked to share here some information about his/her background, role and work related digitally-rich teaching and learning – as a way to facilitate further networking and collaborations. Each contributor will be able to update his/her own profile directly at any time.


Do you wish you could ask questions to more experienced colleagues, share lessons learned, and participate in dialogues on issues of interest to you? Join the online conversation taking place in any of the Forums hosted in this section – or even just follow what other educators are sharing.

To get started, we are planning to have open forums for educators with similar roles within K-12 Schools (For teachers; For instructional technology specialists/ teacher leaders; For technology directors/ coordinators; For school leaders), as well as some topic-based forums (Hot Issues; Hall of Failures; Stories of Practice; Digital Tools in Action).


Do you want to learn more about the experience of a few educators deeply engaged with technology in K-12 school? Here you will find a few blogs maintained by educators within the Consortium on this site, as well as links to other existing blogs related to leveraging technology in K-12 schools that members of our community have found useful.

Shared Resources

We all know that there are many valuable resources publicly available on the Internet, but finding them is not always easy! We invite you to look at this section for information about and links to websites, podcasts, e-books, or other publicly available online resources that other members of this community have found useful.

K-12 Digital Content

An advantage of blended learning is the access it provide K-12 students to online content in a variety of media and from multiple sources. But identifying appropriate digital content for your specific blended lesson may be daunting! We invite teachers to share here links to and information about specific digital content we have found useful with our K-12 students – which will be searchable by topic and grade levels.