Making the case for digitally-rich learning in K-12 schools

Recognizing the Need and Potential Value of Digitally-Rich Learning for K-12 Schools

Leveraging technology to transform teaching practices is a major undertaking for K-12 districts, so it’s important that all constituencies involved – teachers, students, families, school board, etc., have a clear sense of the potential value of your digital initiative, the outcomes they can expect and why those outcomes are valuable.

Here are some resources other schools are finding helpful to accomplish their digital goals:

The Active Learner

Video: 2 minutes

See how today’s students need to be educated differently because of new online learning options open to them, and the technology they use everyday.

Getting Inspired by the Results of Successful Digital Conversions

There’s no greater incentive to embark in a resource-intensive innovation than witnessing the gains achieved by other k12 schools.  See how other K-12 districts have indeed achieved impressive outcomes as a result of successful “digital conversion” initiatives.

Project RED Report (2012) : Engage with this seminal report to see the positive results of 1:1 initiatives across school districts.

And to stay connected to Project Red, check out the Project RED website .

Additional inspiring stories about the impact of successful digital conversions: