Kick-Off Workshop

The K-12 Digital Consortium offers this half-day free workshop as a way to develop a common vision and begin the networking process for districts interested in joining the Consortium. Member districts are also encouraged to send a team to this event, both to to enable educators from their district that have not previously participated in this event to take advantage of this professional development and networking opportunity, and to “give forward” by sharing their experiences with other districts.

Who Should Attend

Districts applying for membership will need to send representatives of the leadership team in charge of technology innovation in their schools to this workshop before they can be accepted as members.

These teams usually include at the very least the person ultimately in charge of digital conversion, a curriculum decision-maker, Chief Information Officer/instructional technology coordinator, and a business/finance staff.  

Member districts are also encouraged to send a diverse team, including both some “veteran” teachers and school leaders who can report on the district’s experience and some people that are new to the district.

If you have any questions about your team composition or the workshop, please email Dave Miller.

Our Next Kick-Off Workshop is rescheduled for January 31, 8:30 am – 12:30 pm, at Wayne Finger Lakes BOCES – use the following link to BOCES mylearningplan to register each of the participants from your district.

Workshop Agenda

1. Setting the Stage

  • Welcome and framing of the workshop; overview of agenda and use of Padlet
  • Introductions by district

2. Developing a Common Vision for Digital Conversion

  • Analysis of digitally-rich learning experiences
  • Introducing complementary models of instructional technology integration

3. What Needs to be in Place to Successfully Engage in District-Wide Digital Conversion?

  • Identification of key conditions – from research and local experiences

4. Learning From Each Other

  • At your table, share ideas and experiences about selected questions/challenges
  • Large group reporting back and discussion

5. Developing A Shared Vision For The Consortium 

  • Brief review of what the Consortium can currently provide, and members’ benefits and expectations
  • Introduction to the website and ways to participate in it
  • “Wish list” of Consortium services moving forward

6. Closing

  • Participants’ key take-aways

Learning Goals

  • Develop a shared vision for the kind of digitally-rich instruction we are striving for
  • Develop a shared vision for what it takes to successfully implement district-wide technology-rich innovations
  • Begin the networking process among Consortium members by sharing best practices and experiences about a few selected topics of special interest to the participants
  • Become aware of what the Consortium can currently provide to support districts at different stages of their digital conversion journey
  • Contribute new ideas for the Consortium moving forward