Learn about digitally-rich teaching and learning as part of courses and programs that can lead to additional credentials – and better position you as a leader in this area for your school.

New York State does not require K-12 teachers to have a specific certification in order to use technology in their teaching or serve as an technology instructional coach. However, NYS has recently approved an Advanced Certificate in Digitally-Rich Teaching at the University of Rochester’s Warner School of Education, thus providing another option for a higher education credential demonstrating expertise in this area.

Ready to take a first step towards gaining a credential as a digitally-rich educator?

Consider enrolling in the following graduate course at a significant discount:

EDE484A: Digitally-Rich Teaching and Learning in K-12 Schools:

  • Learn about how to use digital tools and other resources to enhance your students’ learning opportunities, with a special focus on (a) assessment, (b) conveying content, and (c) promoting collaborative learning. Experience as a learner the power of digitally-rich learning in this hybrid-online course.

    Contact Dave Miller for information about special discounts for Consortium members that may apply to you and how to enroll.

    NEXT OFFERED: Summer 2019 (May 30-Aug.9) - fully online (with online synchronous meetings on Wednesdays 8:30-9:45 pm) except for one face-to-face day-long meeting on Saturday June 1 8:30-2:30

Check out the following program offered at the University of Rochester.


University of Rochester – Warner Graduate School of Education

This 12-credit graduate program will prepare you to leverage technology in your teaching through a combination of coursework and practicum experiences. You will engage as both a learner and as a teacher in digitally-rich learning experiences, while exploring the implications of these experiences for the future of K-12 schools as well as your own teaching.

This flexible program includes only the following requirements:

  • EDE484A: Digitally-Rich Teaching and Learning in K-12 Schools
  • EDF490: Digitally-Rich Teaching Practicum
  • A graduate teaching methods course in your area of specialization (many current teachers will be able to transfer this course from a previous program)
  • A graduate elective course related to instructional technology

This program can be taken as a stand-alone, or in conjunction with:

  • Any entry level teacher preparation program
  • A master’s degree leading to NYS professional teaching certification
  • An Ed.D. or Ph.D. program