Learning Opportunities

Take advantage of workshops, symposia, courses, webinars, podcasts and other professional learning opportunities about instructional technology available in our area.  In addition to increasing your knowledge, these events will provide you with valuable opportunities to network with like-minded educators across the region.

K-12 Digital Consortium Kick-off Workshop

This free half-day workshop is offered by the K-12 Digital Consortium to teams from both aspiring and current member districts.  A great opportunity to learn about the Consortium and to network with other schools engaging in technology innovations – whether your districts ends up deciding to join the Consortium or not.

Intro Modules

Building on other districts’ experiences and effective PDs, we have created a set of guided readings and experiences that can allow your team to independently construct a shared vision for your digital initiative and address some critical initial decisions. Current modules include:

  • Developing a shared vision for digitally-rich teaching
  • Making the case for digitally-rich learning in K-12 schools
  • Identifying key conditions for success and their implications

Local Events and Professional Development (PD) Offerings

Several conferences, colloquium series, and other events around digitally-rich teaching and learning are offered in our own backyard – and many of these are free! Take advantage of these opportunities for learning and networking with local colleagues engaging in similar instructional innovations.

Podcasts & Webinars

Attending events or PDs in person may be especially challenging for K-12 educators – so we collected here information about relevant webinars and podcasts that may be easier to attend or review the recording of.


As schools are increasingly engaging in technology innovations, they need more teachers and school leaders who specialize in this new area and can take leadership roles in it. To position yourself at the forefront of this movement, consider gaining higher education credentials that can position you as an expert and leader. As a Consortium member, you may also be eligible for some significant scholarships!

Self-Learning Modules (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

Do you want to learn more about some key topics related to technology-rich instructional innovation, but do so independently – either on your own or with your team? Here you can find some recommended readings and related activities on a few topics – with more to be added as we continue to create these resources.