You are not alone in engaging in the important work of leveraging technology to create new learning opportunities for K-12 students. Benefit from the “wisdom of practice” developed by the many schools and educators who have engaged in technology-rich instructional innovations, as well as from services and other resources available to support this work


As the coronavirus pandemic is requiring many K-12 teachers to teach remotely with minimum preparation, many organizations have been creating online resources to support this work. In this section we showcase a short selection of sites that we have found particularly valuable for K-12 teachers.

Available Support

Learn about the services and other resources that BOCES partners and the Center for Learning in the Digital Age can provide to district members.

Teacher’s Connect

NEW – Especially for teachers

Exchange ideas and experiences with other digitally-rich teachers nation-wide through a special online community on Teachers Connect.

Coming soon!

Digital Tool Reviews

There are so many digital tools that can be used in schools – new ones show up every day, and previous ones continue to evolve! It can be daunting for teachers and administrators to make decisions about what to select, support, and build into the instructional process across time. Here we provide links to existing reviews of digital tools that can help evaluate specific tools.

Shared Lessons Learned (UNDER DEVELOPMENT)

For a number of “frequently asked questions” about K-12 digital transformations, here we have collected and curated the different choices made and lessons learned from various district members – so you can benefit from their experiences.

See First Steps for Districts as a first example