Getting Started

Is your district just considering or starting to embark in a journey towards a technology-rich transformation? If so, there are many important decisions to be made at this stage that will greatly impact the success of the initiative. We have collected here “just-in-time” information and advice to inform these critical decisions.

First Steps

Learn from the experience of other districts about what needs to be in place before launching a major digital initiative, and what are some important questions to ask and steps to be taken to avoid costly failures or set-backs.

Intro Modules

Building on other districts’ experiences and effective PDs, we have created a set of guided readings and experiences that can allow your team to independently construct a shared vision for your digital initiative and address some critical initial decisions. Current modules include:

  • Developing a shared vision for digitally-rich teaching
  • Making the case for digitally-rich learning in K-12 schools
  • Identifying key conditions for success and their implications

Beginner Support

While the previous resources are intended to help your team get started, there are additional ways the Consortium can support your start-up efforts – do not hesitate reaching out for help!